Yahya Adam Abdul Wahab Sets to Contest for Zongo Caucus Coordinator For Hohoe Constituency For The NDC

Yahya Adam Abdul Wahab

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Yahya Adam Abdul Wahab Sets to Contest for Zongo Caucus Coordinator For Hohoe Constituency For The NDC


As part of preparations towards the December 2024 elections, the National Democratic Party (NDC) has given the advantaged to its party members to legally contest the position for the Zongo Caucus Coordinator in each of the Constituencies in Ghana.


In the wake of this, Mr Yahya Adam Abdul Wahab of the Hohoe Constituency, is contesting for this reputable position.

Yahya Adam Abdul Wahab
Yahya Adam Abdul Wahab

 What Is The Duty Of The Zongo Caucus Coordinator?


The Zongo Caucus Coordinator is the one in charge of mobilizing and encouraging the party faithfuls in the Zongo constituency in which the coordinator finds his/herself in.



Owing to this, Mr Yahya Adam who is a Muslim himself and being someone who grew up in the Zongo communities himself, there’s not many people who can do the work better than Mr. Adam.


   Since 2004 Mr. Yahya Adam Abdul Wahab popularly known as Soldier have been an active member for the National Democratic Party (NDC).



He was the communications officer for the Zongo caucus and patron for the HOHOE CONSTITUENCY NDC ZARMA WOMEN ASSOCIATION,a position which He held and delivered to the admiration of all.


     In an interview with, Mr Adam said ” I have worked for the party for the past ten years and also very socialist, grassroots and hard working. The youths in the constituency sees me as an example of why they should be into politics when voted for because this a position being occupied by old people and this is actually the first time that a youth with energy. Loyalty and is going in for. The most reason for this challenge is that the Ndc has lost the youth base in the constituency due to our lack or inadequate programs and support for the youth and I see myself being a youth to be able to champion the course of the youth and take this party to a level that it best deserves.”


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