Reasons Why Nigerians Dominates The African Music Industry

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Music has always been a vital instrument that helped Nigeria appear in different countries all over the country. Nigerians are not to be left out of Music and entertainment generally in Africa because they have worked for it.

According to my research and finding, 80% of African Music Charts like Apple Music, Boomplay, Spotify and Audiomack are dominated by Nigerian Music. Although most musicians sing in their mother’s tongue, they are being listened to in other countries.

Many attributed the success of Nigerian music to the nation’s population. Others believe that Nigerian musicians are more sedulous than their counterparts from other African countries. Though there are some elements of truth in both schools of thought, they are not factual.

The issues around global dominance of Nigerian music have been in existence for a while. With a close look at Nigerian pop music on the global stage, here are a few reasons Nigerian music is performing significantly well.

1. Major Label Presence

Major labels have been in Nigeria for years. Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, and Omah Lay have deals with either Sony Music, Universal Music, or Warner Music. The presence of these labels in the Nigerian music space increases their capital strength for production, branding, marketing, amongst others. The albums released with these labels boast features from international superstars hatching new markets for these artists as a byproduct of these collaborations. This also extends to building relationships and riding on existing partnerships made available by these labels for support from international media and music streaming companies.

2. Population

Another reason why Nigerian music is more popular than any other music across Africa is that they have a large dashboard of population.

Nigeria is currently the most populous African country and it’s a huge advantage to everybody who is looking forward to going into music. This is because there’s already a massive audience waiting to hear what you have to say and in this age of the social media, it’s more easier to promote your song to your targeted audience

Aside having the population at home, Nigeria also have a large disposal of population across the world. So, sending your music clip to another Nigerian in another country to help you promote it will be much easier.

3. Production

Production is a very important factor in the music industry. This is because nobody wants to listen to any song they can barely hear what the artist is trying to sing. So, using good recording equipments is important in getting a song to a global audience.

Meanwhile, when it comes to production, I would clearly applaud some Ghanaians who are taking their time to make some quality music and videos.

4. Topnotch Collaboration:

Nigerian artists have been able to get bigger collaborations from global musicians. This, therefore, pushes them into the global scene and gets them more exposure. For example; artists like Davido and Burnaboy.

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