Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has filed a lawsuit against the EU Council

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On Tuesday, the previous owner of Chelsea FC filed a legal lawsuit with the EU’s General Court. Neither the court nor the Council had replied to a request for comment at the time of writing.




As part of a slew of sanctions aimed at Russia and Vladimir Putin’s cronies, the EU Council sanctioned Abramovich, who possesses Russian, Israeli, and Portuguese passports.


In March, the EU imposed travel restrictions and targeted asset freezes on certain Russian oligarchs. The group claimed at the time that he had “special access to the Russian president and has maintained extremely excellent contacts with him,” which Abramovich categorically refuted.


The UK government forced the billionaire to sell Premier League club Chelsea after he was sanctioned earlier this year for Putin’s “brutal and barbaric invasion.”


Chelsea’s sale, the most ever paid for a single sports team, marked the end of Abramovich’s 19-year reign, during which the club won five Premier League titles and other European titles.


The sale of Chelsea by Abramovich did not benefit the oligarch or any of his cronies, according to Portuguese officials, and the profits would be used to help humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.


The UK authorities frozen the assets of two Russian businessmen tied to Abramovich, Eugene Tenenbaum and David Davidovich, in April. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss called it the largest asset freeze in British history.


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