For Boys: Signs That Shows She Loves You

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1. She Gives You Attention: 

One obvious sign which a girl who really loves you will exhibit is treating you importantly and giving you all necessary attention. Such a girl will be attentive to whatever you are saying and will be willing to converse with you, hear you speak, ask questions, and seek ways to provide solution to any problem you may be facing.



2. She Remembers Details Pertaining to You

Does she seem especially keen at remembering specific dates, times, end details pertaining to you?


Humans only have a certain amount of mental bandwidth.


And for most people, remembering small details about a person’s life won’t be anywhere near the top of their priority list.


So if she seems to:


Be good at remembering small details about you

Be interested in showing you that she’s good at remembering such details

These may be signs that she’s trying to tell you that you mean a lot to her. It may be her way of saying:


“Hey, look at how much attention I’m paying to you. I love you”



3. You Do Less Work To Keep Her

 If you have ever had a relationship with a lady that doesn’t require you to do too much to make her happy or interesting then it means she loves you. Ladies are very interesting people and if they like you, there will be no need for you to chase them or try to get their attention.

Trust me, this is a very significant sign that a girl really loves you. The truth is that, any lady who loves you will want to keep you too. Naturally, you will find her talking to you about things that happened to her during the day. She will be the only one making the conversation interesting even without you putting in any effort at all.


Funnily enough, while this is happening, she will find it very difficult to spend good time with other guys. This is a good sign she loves you.


4. She shows a lot of involvement in your life even more than your best friend. She wants to know everything about you – the kind of rapport you have with your parents, what you do when you’re alone, how many girls you’ve dated, the kind of friends you have had in school, what your real passion in life is, your favourite movies, what you like for breakfast – you name it, and she wants to know it.

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