Social Media Slangs and Acronyms You Should Know

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Do social media abbreviations and acronyms confuse you? Do you know understand some and finds some baffling? 


However, there are some social media abbreviations which are very common but most people do not know their meaning. They are used in friendly conversations and formal ones too.

Here are some of the most commonest social media acronyms and abbreviations you need to know;


1. ASAP: This is self-explanatory as well; all see it one way or the other. It stands for “As soon as possible.”


2. FYI: Another word that you might have heard on Keeping up with the Kardashians, “For your Information,” or as they call it, FYI!


3. BTW: Quick and straightforward; it stands for “By the way.”


4. IDK: Widely used everywhere now. It stands for “I don’t know.”


 5. NVM: Make someone disregard your last message or if you’ve tried making the other understand, say “Never mind” to cool things down.


 6. RN: It stands for “Right Now.” Display your current emotions, actions or opinions with an RN.


7. WYD: Just another way of asking, “What you doing.”


8. NGL : “Not Gonna Lie.” When you’re about to tell someone the truth, use this one.


9. TBH: Well, we all are taught “to be honest.” from childhood. However, sometimes we tend to forget it.


10. TL;DR: Got a text or post that was too long? Just type “Too long; didn’t read.” and tell them to write it in short.


11. CWYL : This stands for ‘Chat With You Later’. It is used as a goodbye text among friends and colleagues during an online chat.


12. TTYT : TTYT stands for ‘Talk To You Tomorrow’. It is used to stop a conversation and also continue the next.


13. GN: Perhaps the most commonest one among all. GN means Good Night


14. ILU: When someone texts you “ILU” he/she means to say ” I Love U”


15. DM: This acronym is widely used on Instagram and stands for “Direct Message” For sending a private message between 2 people/accounts, the acronym comes into use.

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