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After Sleeping With A manager For A Job, Look At What Happened (Read full Chat)

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After a lady slept with a company manager to get a job, this is what happened after everything.


It’s no secret that most bosses sleep with their employees before hiring them. When it comes to employment in Ghana today, it is no secret that many managers are misusing their power by giving out the majority of job opportunities to family and friends behind closed doors. It is typical to have relationships and even sleep with someone in exchange for a job.


Many managers have gotten away with it for a long time, which is bad news for people who have nothing to offer in the employment market. Others, on the other hand, could not get away with their poor habits.


Regardless of the situation, many people assume that nothing is genuinely hidden.


Secrets, like pregnancy, the stomach always comes up matter what the conditions are. There are numerous examples of this type of scenario that we have all read about on the internet, particularly on social media.


There was a social media dialogue that arose in the form of screenshots that circulated, suggesting what happened between a certain boss and a female jobseeker After sleeping with her. It seems like one of those situations you can’t get out of.


Please see the screenshots below to see what transpired between the two parties.


Even though it was a secret, the lady’s and the boss’s lives appear to have taken a turn for the worse. Such is life for everyone out there.


Don’t make us all jump to conclusions. To be honest, the boss’s actions were very inappropriate. I mean completely incorrect. However, it appears that the lady is also incorrect. Regardless matter how desperate she could have been, the reality is that you need a job. What she did to gain the job was not at all fair to her coworkers.


I can’t be the only one who decides who is correct and who is incorrect. You can also leave a comment with your opinions. I’d want to hear from you as well.


Under the sun, there is no such thing as a secret. We should all make an effort to help others without asking anything in return.


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