5 Reasons Your Girl Doesn’t Enjoy S€x

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You probably have been reading numerous articles on sex online. You perhaps have realized how pleasurable sex is, even if you haven’t expiremented it yourself. However, some women may not seem to find any pleasure. But how can a fascinating adventure turn into a horrific one? The reasons may differ from person-to-person. However, it’s important to know that your woman’s refusal or lack of interest in ‘sex’ is not her doing. Sometimes girls experience excruciating pain during sexual activity, or may have trouble reaching a climax.


Whatever the case, this article discusses 5 reasons why some women don’t seem to enjoy “sex”.






As earlier discussed, sex can bring forth pain on the part of the girl. Common causes include:


Hormonal changes: Changing levels of estrogen and testosterone can lead to painful sex. Women who are breastfeeding or entering menopause may have hormomal changes that cause vaginal dryness and a burning sensation with intercourse.


Pelvic floor dysfunction: This condition emerges as a result of the pelvis not relaxing normally. Women with pelvic dysfunction often have painful intercourse.


Psychological causes


Studies reveal that psychological issues like depression or anxiety can get in the way of one’s sex life. According to one expert named Dr. Batur: Issues such as relationship troubles or a history of sexual trauma can affect your interest in physical intimacy.




Undue sex can impact on your sex life in a very negative way. If stress is stifling your joy of having ‘sex’, find ways to de-stress yourself.


Trouble with arousal and orgasm


In worst cases, a woman may have a hard time reaching orgasm. You probably may have crushed on a girl who was as frigid as a piece of wood. Feelings of sex should be reciprocal, not one-sided. Women with such issues are advised to use vibrators or other sex toys to help them rise to the peaks of orgasm, says Dr. Batur.


Low libido


Some women have a low sex drive in the absence of any underlying problem. This is called hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).


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