May 22, 2022



Young Lady Who went Mad On Her Wedding Day Gets Gifts From People After Her Story Was Shared Online

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Some days ago, Afrimax English visited a lady who ran mad on her wedding day to see how she was fairing and how the family was also fairing. They had an interview section with the family before leaving. The family also narrated how she suddenly ran mad on her wedding day. After her story was shared online, many people across the world decided to donate to help the lady and her family by contributing money.


People contributed a lot of money after hearing and seeing the sad state of the lady and her family. While Afrimax English was coming back for the second time to meet the family, they came with a lot of gifts for her from people who contributed to helping the family. The major thing that was bought for the lady was a brand new wheelchair (she also got crippled on that day she was supposed to wed).


Foodstuff was bought for the family to help them keep living, bags of rice, kegs of vegetable oil and so many other foodstuffs were brought for them. The lady’s father and his family were very excited as they received all the gifts people donated to them with a smile all over their faces.


The man thanked all those who contributed to buying all these for them and said he wish he could meet all those who helped them one by one to thank them for their kind gesture. Joy was brought back to the family once again. The lady doesn’t crawl anymore, she now uses her brand new wheelchair to move around unlike before.




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