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What to do when you are finding it difficult to get Pregnant

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According to Women’s Health – When a couple decides to have children, they immediately start preparing for the baby’s arrival. However, as pregnancy is a biological event, the organism does not always respond so quickly to the attempts, thus generating a huge emotional discomfort that involves anxiety, frustration and expectations

But, in many cases, to get pregnant it is necessary persistence and patience – at least that is what serious studies carried out in Australia on the subject indicate. In these studies, couples were analysed in which the men produced sperm of good quality and quantity, and the women were up to 36 years old, ovulated regularly and did not have blocked uterine tubes, but were trying to get pregnant for over a year. In other words, these couples were diagnosed with infertility with no apparent cause.


In these cases, the study showed that almost half of the women who were trying to get pregnant ended up having a baby without undergoing any infertility treatment. This success rate was similar to those who opted for treatment with hormones or in vitro fertilization.


With this, the researchers said the fact that many women achieve spontaneous conception after insisting for longer and without treatments means that couples who have had problems conceiving can still be optimistic about a pregnancy. Keep trying is a scientifically sound strategy.


It is worth remembering that although it is not necessary to resort to a treatment to get pregnant, medical follow-up is essential from the beginning of the attempts, and especially important after 1 year of attempts for women under 35, or 6 months for women over 35. This recommendation is because, in certain situations, infertility has a clear cause.


So, if there is a problem occurring in the organism of the couple, it can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. In fact, just keeping trying constantly will not be enough in case there is an obstruction in the uterine tubes, for example. But this should not be a reason for concern, since there are tests that detect the possible causes of infertility and treatments for each case.


Still, the most positive point of the research carried out in Australia is that, in all cases, keeping positive and not giving up is a key to success! If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while and haven’t managed to get pregnant yet, talk to your partner about these statistics and try a little harder. With medical guidance, hope and persistence it is possible to achieve your dream of having a baby – and it will certainly come at the right time.


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