May 22, 2022



Here Are The Most Fertile Years Of A Man And Woman?

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Have you ever wondered or asked what ages are the most fertile in male and female? This is one topic that cannot be overemphasized, reason being that fertility has to do with procreation and giving rise to younger people and since every man and woman would want to have kids, there is every reason for them to also know the most fertile years in a person life.



In this article in line with a Publication on Healthline, we are going to have a look at the most fertile years of a man and woman. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.


What Are The Most Fertile Years In Men And Women?


According to research, women are most fertile in their early and late twenties i.e. from age 20-29. At this ages, there is a higher chance of pregnancy due to the fact that the eggs are enough both in quantity and quality, so any contact with the sperm cell while ovulating means pregnancy. But this amazing fertility rate drops from age 32 and keeps dropping significantly from age 35 and above.


This is because as a woman gets older, she loses the quality eggs yearly and this ends up leaving some unhealthy eggs or poor quality eggs thus more difficulty in giving rise to younger ones.


In men, fertility starts dropping when they hit age 40 and above. There is this misconception that male fertility is not affected by age but this is wrong and unscientific. As a matter of fact, male fertility starts dropping once he gets to 40 and above and also many other sexual problems may suffice making the whole intimacy and fertility have issues.


So if you have plans to have kids, endeavour to do so at an earlier age when the eggs and sperm cells are most viable. Thanks, share and follow the handle for more updates on health care.



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