May 22, 2022



Have you heard about fictosexuality?

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Have you heard about fictosexuality? This is a state of having strong and lasting feelings of love for a fictional character.


Meet Akihiko Kondo, a Japanese man who in 2018 married the AI-powered hologram of the virtual popstar Hatsune Miku. He’s fictosexual.


Hatsune Miku is a vocaloid software (just see it as an anime) that has turned into a superstar for Japanese anime lovers.


Basically what was done is that a computer voice that’s so close to that of a human was developed and programmed into the character.


Miku has since became a virtual idol, and has performed onstage on live concerts as an animated hologramic projections


Perhaps Kondo heard Miko’s voice and was glued to it. He’d spend hours watching videos of Miku, and he claimed the anime character helped him get out of a depression that left him unable to work or even eat.


Kondo and Miku had an official marriage back in 2018, and the ceremony cost Kondo about 2 million yen (approximately $17,300 USD). The event was attended by 39 close friends, but none of Kondo’s family members was in attendant.


The hologram Miku uses AI technology to hold conversations, and that’s how they both communicate.


Unfortunately, in 2020 the company that run the Miku hologram software discontinued its AI service for the hologram.


As a result, Miku is no longer able to converse with Kondo. For the now, Kondo has resorted to just talking to it, and eating his meals with the now silent virtual character facing him.


Kondo still claims that his love for the hologram hasn’t changed.



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