May 22, 2022



9 Early Signs Of Labour That Pregnant Women Should Not Overlook

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Labor is a normal part of the delivery process. Childbirth is one of the most joyful times for parents who have patiently and fearfully awaited the arrival of their children. However, reports (news) suggest that parents have had labor in public places, offices, residences (without a doctor or midwife), and in cars (en route to the hospital), which could be dangerous for the mother-to-be and the baby. Although no one can anticipate the precise day or hour when labor will begin, this article will inform readers about the early indications of close labor to watch for.


Because every woman’s signs and symptoms of labor are distinct, various physical and hormonal changes may occur to suggest that labor is approaching.


1. Water breaking


When the baby’s head raises pressure and ruptures the amniotic sac protecting it in preparation for delivery, this is the most typical indication of labor.


2. Extreme nesting


According to healthline, Pregnant women may experience a strong nesting instinct before 24-48 hours of labor (an overwhelming desire to clean, organize, and reorganize homes or the surrounding area or things). This unexpected surge of energy or restlessness is not to be dismissed.


3. Rigid joints


A few days or hours before delivery, some pregnant women may have loose or more relaxed joints and ligaments.


4. Urge to urinate more frequently


5. Consistent contractions


Contractions may be frequent in the third trimester, but they may become more frequent and intense in the days or hours leading up to birth (similar to menstruation cramps).


6. Lower back pain


Although back discomfort is typical in pregnant women as ligaments and joints prepare for labor, it can become worse when labor is still hours away.


7. Constipation regularly


Some pregnant women’s bodies may empty their bowels to make uterine contractions easier. Close labor might cause diarrhea or a loose bowel movement.


8. Nerve pain in the pelvic area caused by the baby’s position.


9. Mucus discharge


Some women’s bodies may create mucus plugs (collection of mucus) that may have clear, pink, or blood traces during urine or in their underwear in the days or hours leading up to labor to open the cervix.


Husbands, on the other hand, should be aware of these symptoms to support their wives with labor preparations.

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