May 22, 2022



How To Start A Face To Face Conversation With A Girl

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You like a girl and want to impress her with your wit and charm. But are wondering, “How to start a conversation with a girl?” Talking to her gives you the jitters, and you are confused about starting a conversation. If you can relate to these questions, this post is the answer for you. Feeling the pressure before going and talking to the girl you like is normal.


There might be many questions running through your mind about the conversation and whether or not you will be able to impress her. It’s not rocket science. All you need is some courage, along with some tried and tested tips and tricks. Read on as i share some easy ways of starting a conversation with a girl.


1. Compliment her


Women love being complimented. Be sincere and courteous in your compliments and draw the line. Salacious or strong remarks might backfire.


Compliment her smile or her eyes and tell her she is beautiful. You can talk about her attire and be respectful. Say something, such as “The dress looks amazing on you” or “That’s a lovely dress!” Keep it short, impactful, and genuine, and do not go overboard. The idea is to make a good impression. Too many compliments might make you come across as creepy, needy, or insincere.


2. Greet her


You don’t always have to use a corny pick-up line to approach a girl you like. Sometimes, a simple ‘Hi” goes a long way. Put on your best smile and greet her warmly with a simple “Hello.” Work on your body language and be open, relaxed, and confident.


Do not forget to make eye contact and be attentive while greeting. Maintain a respectable distance and do not intrude on her personal space. Observe her reaction while deciding your next approach. If she seems uninterested, step back.



3. Introduce yourself to her


When you meet someone new, it is good to tell them about yourself and get them interested. Start the conversation by telling her your name, and if she looks at you with interest you can continue to say something about your profession or interests. Sharing why you approached her might intrigue her too.


You can use a funny anecdote to make your introduction livelier. Keep it short and sweet. If you talk too much about yourself, she will probably feel you are too self-absorbed. While talking about yourself, notice her body language. If she smiles or appears to listen intently, then the conversation is probably going well but be sure to ask her questions as a follow-up.


4. Refer to a common thing that connects.


Starting a conversation by talking about something common between the two of you helps establish an instant connection. If you are at a party, you could say, “It’s a nice party, right?” or “Do you know the host?” and take it from there based on the response. If you have met through mutual friends, you can ask her how she knows that mutual friend. While initiating conversation, be casual but show interest


5. Ask her about her interests


Asking someone about their likes and interests can help you build a rapport and keep the conversation flowing. You can be indirect if you don’t want to seem too forward. If you see her enjoying a song in the club, you could say, “I love this song!” “Do you like it too?” If she replies affirmatively, you can follow this up with the question, “Did you listen to the new single by this singer? It’s groovy too!”


You can use the direct approach as well. It’s good to stick to neutral topics in the beginning. Refrain from asking personal questions. Ask her about the movie she recently enjoyed, the TV show she binges on, and the type of food she likes. When she starts talking, pay attention and repeat some of what you hear. Girls like guys who are good listeners.



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