May 22, 2022



How to make your long distance relationship work

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A long distance relationship is a relationship where the physical contact of romantic couples is restricted geographically.

In other words, you don’t see your partner often because you’re far from each other


Now, people always say it’s difficult to overcome the upheaval of a long distance relationship, and they have good reasons for saying so. However, what they fail to understand is that long distance relationships can foster a deep emotional connection between both partners.


For a long distance relationship (LDR) to work, both sides must maintain frequent communication. They have to communicate with each other on a daily basis and it could be through video calls, phone calls, text messages, etc.


Now, can you guess what happens when you’re always talking with someone everyday? Yea, that’s right, you will form an emotional bond with that person. So much so that when you haven’t heard their voice in a day, you start to miss them.


This is one advantage of LDRs, that deep emotional connection.


Additionally, Seeing your partner on a weekly or daily basis may lead to a lack of appreciation for their presence. You may become bored or even tired of their presence. This is less likely to happen in a LDR.


Long-distance couples tend to value their partners’ presence more. Why? Because absence makes the heart grow fonder. Rather than getting tired or bored of each other, long-distance lovers anticipate seeing each other.


You have better trust


Those feelings of jealousy are at a minimum on a strong ling distance relationship. You guys know you have to trust one another in order to maintain this love. So while regular couple might get jealous at a drop of a hat, your LDR remains strong as trust is definitely one of the pillars to your committed relationship.


If your relationship survives distance, it will survive anything


Knowing that it is not easy to keep long distance relationship, you know that if you successfully overcome that obstacle, any other will be easy. You guys are able to commit to one another long distance, which mean you are serious about the relationship in the long run.


Finally, the individuality and social life of long-distance lovers are enhanced. This is because the distance allows both partners to focus on their goals, meet new people and experience new activities. And so when they see each other again, they have a truckload of new experiences to share.


Long distance relationships aren’t always the end of the world. With a little patience, and commitment, you can make it work.


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