May 22, 2022



3 common practices that makes women breasts saggy

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1. Wearing a bra that does not fit


Most ladies make very serious mistakes when making choices for their bra. They rather prefer a more fancy-looking or a designers bra to one that would fit properly to whatever physical activity they want to engage in. Every woman who doesn’t want to have saggy breasts due to poor choices of bra should make sure she gets one that fits all her activities.


2. Smoking habit


The smoking habit is one that is not favourable to either men or women. Apart from other risks that are associated with smoking, smoking can make a woman who used to have a firm breast start having saggy breasts. This is because smoking causes the skin to age and it slows the way blood is been pumped to the surface of the skin. Also, smoking destroys collagen in the body as well as elastin which is the protein that makes the skin to be firm including the breast. When this protein is destroyed, a woman will start having saggy breasts.




3. Physical activities


Most physical activities that a woman engages in can make her breast fall. A very good example is the poor workout option. Many don’t know of this but as long as exercise can be good for the health, some workout options might not be so good for a woman’s breast. A good example is jogging. So if you want to jog as a woman you must wear a protective bra that will reduce the way your breasts bounce as this can make your breast fall.



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