May 22, 2022



A Guy Is A Virgin When You Notice These 8 Signs

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Below are tips to know that a guy is a virgin.




1. He would not be good at foreplay.


2. He would be shy and also would feel uncomfortable while getting intimate with a woman.


3. If he is a virgin he wouldn’t know how to move his hips properly while intercourse. He would go too deep or frequently his penis would slide out while intercourse.


4. He won’t know when to slow down or when to pick up speed and he can also be bad at reaching G-Spot.


5. He might be bad at pull out method. He can wouldn’t be knowing how to last long by edging.


6. By watching his behaviour you can easily find it out. If he manages everything very well in first run, it means that he might be having experience.


7. 60% of virgins make mistakes such as figuring out where is the right hole or inserting in wrong hole. No matter how much porn they watch, they will end up searching for the right hole at the beginning.



8. If he feels pain for first time when he goes deep, that’s also a sign that he is virgin (not a reliable method).



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