May 22, 2022



I never knew my husband had no legs until after our wedding – Lady cries out (Video)

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One of the most interesting love stories Afrimax has ever told is the story of Bora Muteteri, a beautiful woman who discovers shortly after her marriage that her husband has lost his leg.


In a video shared online with Afrimax, Bora Muteteri said she learned her husband, Ndaisenga Jean De De, had lost his leg after he returned home from their wedding. She added that after her husband revealed his condition of losting his leg to her, it gave her a million reasons to love him more.


She also said she fell in love with her husband’s personality, not “his feet”, and became even more determined to do everything in her power to keep him happy after he revealed his condition to her.

Her husband Ndaisenga Jean De De, who also spoke to Afrimax, revealed that he was not born without legs. He then reveals how he lost his leg, how he met and fell in love with Bora, and why he kept his condition a secret from her. He said he lost his leg in a bomb blast while returning home with his family after fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo to seek refuge in the civil war.


Regarding how he met Bora, he said that during one of his performances as a musician, he met Bora, who is a senior in college, and they fell in love. He says he felt she would hate him if she knew he has no legs and can rely on dentures so he was scared to tell her but after mustering up the courage he told her, she was shocked that she still loves him even after revealing to her.


Those who think they will not find love because they have a disability should take inspiration from this story. No matter what your handicap is, there is always someone who will love and appreciate you.




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